Content marketing

Content marketing

Content marketing is ideal for self-employed sole traders and SMEs

If you’re a self-employed sole trader or you have a small to medium-sized enterprise, then content marketing can make a world of difference to you! The investment needed is relatively small-scale, but the impact can be immense. That’s why it’s also highly recommended for self-employed sole traders and SMEs.

What do we mean by ‘content marketing’?

Essentially, it involves marketing through the medium of content. This means information that’s of direct use and relevance to the customer – usually online, such as on websites or via social media, but also offline, such as on packaging or in brochures. Ideally, online and offline content should reinforce each other.

Added value for the customer = success for you

The focus of content marketing is firmly on the needs of the customer. What does the customer need? How can we tailor the product or service to best meet the customer’s wishes and requirements? What questions and issues are of concern to the customer? A good content strategy will address matters of this sort and will give customers precisely the gentle nudge needed to win them over in their decision-making process (the customer journey).

This can be done in a variety of ways: by informing customers about a product or service, by responding to questions or providing solutions to problems voiced by the customer, or by simply telling your story. Content marketing can heighten brand awareness or customer loyalty, and it can ensure that customers see you as an expert in your field.

What are the features of successful content?

Good content …

  • captures the customer’s attention
  • is genuinely distinctive
  • places the customer and the customer journey centre-stage
  • stimulates and encourages a purchasing decision

Being well prepared is half the work!

Are you now planning to embark on a content marketing approach?

First of all you’ll need to map out your objectives and options. Next, draw up a plan that details the type of content you want to put in place, as well as when and where.
Lastly, the ultimate goal of content marketing relates to turnover and profit. To that end, content must be valued and findable.

Could we be of some       assistance to you with all of this?

If so, please feel free to call us! In a one-on-one conversation we can discuss all your options or, if you prefer, simply contact us by email or via Skype.