Multilingual keyword research

Keyword research

Multilingual keyword    research and SEO

With regard to SEO (search-machine optimization), it’s not enough just to have good quality text (translated or otherwise), an attractive layout, fast response times and a user-friendly website. Keyword research is essential if you want to maximize the ease of finding a multilingual website. That’s why an experienced copywriter will ask for the relevant keywords before starting work on any text for a website or advertisement (AdWords).

For the sake of clarity; keywords are those words that users enter into a search engine when they’re looking for (the supplier of) a particular service or product. Other terms used are search words, search phrases or search terms (long-tail keywords).

Google then screens and indexes the pages according to the keywords and indexes them in line with the position in their rankings. Put simply, these are the words that appear in Google’s results when you launch a search using these keywords. The higher the website’s position in Google, the more people there are who visit it. If Google fails to find the keywords, the user won’t be able to find them either. Keyword research is also important when it comes to qualitatively effective translations and the transcreation of text for websites.

You could compile your own list of keywords and search terms, but it eats up time. Very often you’ll save time and, likewise, money when you outsource this task to a specialist.

Keyword research in German and Dutch

When another language is involved, you simply can’t make do without specialist help: a translator or transcreator who can turn their hand to anything. Well, in a manner of speaking. You need someone who not only understands SEO, but can also deliver incisive, naturally flowing text. Someone who has complete command of the source and target language, as well as a keen sense of the cultural idiosyncrasies at play within the target group and the market.

If you’re looking for that kind of all-rounder for your Dutch and/or German website, then rest assured that we can offer the assistance you need!

Keyword research  and the translation of  content as a total package

We don’t claim to work with “hundreds of translators worldwide”; instead, we operate with a small pool of specialists who have proven teamwork capabilities in relation to each other and to you, the client, in order to produce the optimum result.

One further benefit: you can compose your story in the briefing in your own language and the lines of communication are short.


If you’d like to have a website that’s easy to find and has appealing, informative text, and if you’re looking for a copywriter, translator or transcreator who can optimize that text for search engines, then don’t hesitate to contact Kristel Kruijsen straightaway.

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