Content Creation

Content creation

Making a good first          impression

The online communications of any business are often the first means of contact between the customer and your company. Making a good first impression is invaluable, and good content soon pays for itself!

Copywriting is the general term for ‘drafting text’. In terms of content creation this relates to text for online media (such as websites, blogs and social media), often within the framework of a content strategy.

Content Translated works with content creatives to achieve this.

Texts need to speak the target group’s language

Texts must appeal to the target group. They need to win people over and convey what motivates a business and its target group in the broadest sense of the expression. In other words, it’s important in content marketing to tailor text to (the culture of) the target group.

To ascertain all of this, Content Translated has developed a briefing [link Briefing]. In this briefing, we also focus attention on the target group and the objective; after all, that’s what everything centres on in the end.

What can Content Translated do for you?

We (re-) write Dutch and/or German texts for online and offline media, such as:

• websites, newsletters, online advertisements, blogs
• white papers, e-books and email marketing
• posts for social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and XING
• brochures and advertisements for print media
• owing to our collaboration with British and French colleagues, we’re also able to supply English and French-language texts

This can be a one-off assignment but, naturally, it is also possible to work on a weekly or monthly newsletter, blog or social media post. An additional advantage is that this allows for the optimum coordination of communications with one another, and you can have us take care of the planning for social media.

Google ranking

If you want to achieve your objectives then it’s important to have a good (Google) ranking. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the silver bullet you need. It maximizes findability and on top of that it attracts new customers and reinforces loyalty among your existing customer base in both the Netherlands and Germany.


If you’d like to know more about this, please contact us by phone, email or Skype! Otherwise, download the briefing here [link Briefing].

We can then go on to make a proposal, submit an offer and write the text using the right tone of voice and a narrative that will appeal directly to the target group (storytelling).