Over Content Translated

Your contact and the founder of Content Translated is Kristel Kruijsen. She was born in the Netherlands where she lived and worked for many years, in the process earning degrees in German and Russian literature, as well as marketing. Having a Dutch father and a German mother, perhaps it was logical that she began her career as a language trainer. She then went on to work in international marketing and sales in the 1990s, after which she set up a translation agency. Over the years, she has surrounded herself with a network of like-minded professionals (marketers, designers, copywriters and photographers) who share her vision: to connect the customer with the target group.


Germany is her second home. She now lives beside Lake Constance, where she had often stayed for long periods since childhood. Consequently, she is very familiar with both the Netherlands and Germany: the economy, the culture and everyday life in general. For her, it seemed only natural to put her professional expertise to good use at the crossroads between both countries. This is how Content Translated came into being.

“The common thread running through my career has been communication. In recent years a great deal has happened in that arena, both in terms of marketing and in the world of translation and language. Online marketing has opened the way for new developments and innovations, and it’s in that direction that I’ve increasingly set my focus over the past few years.

Now is the time to combine various areas of expertise. On the one hand this is because I want to offer more to my customers and find that I can. When it comes to marketing and language, it’s all about communication and conveying the message. This is what drives me and what I love doing most. With my marketing background, I’m able to use language to do more for my customers; armed with my language skills, I’m able to make marketing work better for them.

As the daughter of a photographer, I learned early on how it was also the packaging of the message – the design – that provided its added value. Throw into the mix alove for my ‘fatherland’, the Netherlands, and for my ‘motherland’ Germany, and that’s how Content Translated was born.”